How a custom designed diamond ring is made

A custom designed diamond ring represents the realization of a wish. How and when it is made are two essential aspects.

A design diamond ring for man or female is a precious object that we give to ourselves or to the one we love to celebrate special occasions. It will never lose its value and beauty, but on the contrary it will acquire importance through the years. This will happen thanks to the meaning of the custom designed diamond ring, enriched by the new emotions which arouse every time it is worn.

How a custom designed diamond ring is made

Roberto Coin has created a gemstone which is unique and extraordinary for its cut. CENTO is the first 100 facets diamond, as its Italian name recalls. The light it radiates is incomparable with that of any other diamond and it makes it perfect for a custom-made design diamond ring that wants to emphasize the uniqueness of the person who wears it.

Meet with the designer and find your style

Ring must represent its owner

Meet with the designer and find your style. This is what you have to do to realize your own ring. Since the custom designed ring must represent its owner, he needs an interpreter of his/her desires, a craftsman able to transform emotions into a magical design jewel. Style, structure, metal, stone and setting are the goldsmith’s alphabet to imprint a story into the jewel.

The designer needs to know something about you and what the ring must enhance about you and your life. He will help you to clarify your tastes and preferences, and based on your instructions he will make the ring of your dreams come true.

General style and structure

You will choose the general style and structure of your ring with the designer. His talent will transform what appeared in your mind as a confused thought into a real custom designed diamond ring. He will show you the structure and style of your jewel through freehand drawings and computer-made 3D prototypes. Together with you he will evaluate the general design, the internal and external diameters, and the positions where the diamond will be inserted.

Above all he has to keep in mind who you really are in order to create a beauty that always makes you feel at ease.

Metal and size

Metal and size are some of the elements to be evaluated and studied with the designer of your custom designed ring.

The choice among white, yellow or rose gold is closely linked to your personality and the emotions you want your jewel to express. A skilled goldsmith recognizes what metal suits you, either the retro elegance of traditional gold or the freshness of white metal. The  different alloys are suitable for a diamond design ring for both men or female, and they influence the general style of the ring.

Finally, you have to define the size so as to have a perfect and custom-made ring which is born exactly for your finger and for your overall look and temperament.

Stone and setting

Stone and setting are the focal elements in the creation of a ring.

We generally think of only three types of setting: Solitaire, Trilogy and Eternity. However, they have infinite possible variations that a talented goldsmith can choose and create according to the personality of who will wear it.

The choice of the stone is the most radiant moment, the starting point and the final touch for anyone who the ring is dedicated to. Size and cut of the diamond give in fact the jewel the importance and visibility you want.

Review the rendering

The moment the designer is about to review the rendering of the ring with you is the step before its creation. Rendering does not require fancy effort and leaves nothing to chance. The 3D representation must be as truthful as the real ring will be.

The brightness of the gold and the brilliance of the diamond must be faithful to the final result. This matching will allow you to choose with maximum awareness.

The graphic design is also a practical modern solution to create rings similar to the one you admire from far on the fingers of celebrities or to redesign the almost forgotten engagement ring that your great-grandmother used to wear.

So the careful review of the graphic model is a very important procedure that allows you to consciously participate in the creation of your jewel. It perhaps eliminates the surprise effect and allows you to have exactly what you desire.

Wax model and Casting

The wax model and casting is an absolutely functional technique for the construction of prototypes and definitive jewels.

By working with wax the goldsmith can modify its creation in volumes and thickness in a very short time and with precision. This would not be absolutely possible with metal. Processing techniques and the type of wax depend on the casting you want to realize. Therefore, before starting to sculpt the model it is indispensable that the craftsman exactly knows what he wants to accomplish. It is necessary to analyze in detail the design of the jewel, evaluate the measurements in real scale, the aesthetic and technical features and its final look.

So the designer of your ring becomes a sculptor equipped with saws, files, cutters, compasses and scalpels. These items allow him to tackle a shapeless block of wax, and carve it to obtain the unique diamond ring illustrated by the project.

How long does a custom engagement ring take?

Making craft rings is an exciting creative work which needs to discover the desires and tastes of those who will wear the jewel. The designer must project and draw, make a three-dimensional sketch and sometimes a wax model. It takes time, but it’s really worth.

The completeness of important information by the customer as well as the choice of materials and their processing may vary depending on the complexity of the work. The final value of such a ring does not depend exclusively on the value of its gold or on the beauty of the diamond set in it. In fact, it is a private work of art to be realized with care and calmness, so that it can express its absolute intimate value besides the one of the material it is made of.

The choice of the stone is the most radiant moment, the starting point and the final touch for anyone who the ring is dedicated to.



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