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How did diamonds become forever

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[pullquote align=”right” style=”style4″ width=”381″ size=”14″ line_height=”18″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#222222″][blockquote custom_class=”” txt_color=”#222222″ size=”25″ line_height=”32″]Diamonds are forever[/blockquote][/pullquote]

[dropcap custom_class=”whb”]”Diamonds are forever“, this is the phrase that accompanies their precious brilliance[/dropcap]

 It is known that the diamond has always exercised a profound fascination on man: its rare origin, hardness and luster made it soon become a very coveted symbol of power and various legends and stories circulating around it consolidate its charm.

The meaning of diamond can be traced back to the origins of its name which comes from the Greek “adamai”. It means “not tameable”, that is the indomitable force whose origin is often associated with the world of divinities. They have been seen as a sign of the divine intervention able to drag Lucifer to the Underworld or the ingredient for a love potion in the Middle Ages. Ayurvedic medicine and crystal therapy classify them as great energy stones and give them therapeutic powers.

Even today diamonds are linked to strength as well as to perfection and beauty. Giving a diamond symbolizes a promise of an eternal, unbreakable and splendid bond, so strong as this gemstone is. For this reason it is now set on beautiful engagement rings whose symbolic value survives in the union of the couple it represents.


1 – Who came up with Diamonds Are Forever?

[pullquote align=”left” style=”style4″ width=”381″ size=”14″ line_height=”18″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#222222″][blockquote custom_class=”” txt_color=”#222222″ size=”25″ line_height=”32″]Whoever said that diamonds are forever was right.[/blockquote][/pullquote]

[dropcap custom_class=”whb”]Whoever said that diamonds are forever was right.[/dropcap] The history of the diamond is traced back to India which was rich in alluvial deposits near the Krishna river. Generally the diamonds were used in religious symbolism. For this reason it is believed that they were considered precious already many millennia ago.  Over 2000 years ago they were mentioned in the Naturalis Historia by Pliny the Elder, who considered the diamond to be the most valuable and hardest gemstone. In 1813, thanks to a burning experiment, it was possible to demonstrate its chemical composition of carbon. This discovery contributed to increasing the fame of diamonds and their peculiar characteristics. In fact, this mineral at very high pressures had given birth to the  hardest stone that ever existed in nature. The fact that these same stones date back to so long time ago validates the theory that diamonds are truly forever. In the nineteenth century there was a progressive improvement in the cut of the gem and its beauty made it increasingly sought after. So the diamond companies had to commercially promote this precious stone with marketing strategies which aimed to emphasize the concept of eternity and to transform diamonds into the symbol of eternal love to set on fine jewelry like engagement rings.

2 – How did diamond rings become popular?

[pullquote align=”left” style=”style4″ width=”381″ size=”14″ line_height=”18″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#222222″][blockquote custom_class=”” txt_color=”#222222″ size=”25″ line_height=”32″]The magnetic luminous strength of the diamond rings.[/blockquote][/pullquote]

[dropcap custom_class=”whb”]Attracted by the magnetic luminous strength of the diamond rings, we wonder how they become so popular.[/dropcap]

Bigotry, social pressure, difficult market dynamics and a brilliant marketing activity are the main factors that keep diamonds so popular for some centuries.

The beginning of their popularity dates back to the twentieth century when the customs in the United States were rather rigid.  A couple was allowed to sexual activity only after marriage or with the promise of the same. But sometimes it happened that the boy disappeared after getting his goal. Thus the girl, now no longer a virgin and left alone, could hardly hope for a married life. For this reason it developed the idea of ​​having to pawn a valuable object  as a guarantee and at the same time a law was approved that provided for the reimbursement of damages in case of end of engagement.

In 1938 one of the most effective advertising campaign of all time began. It convinced the public that diamond rings were indispensable for proving love and commitment and this belief still survives by filling the eyes and hearts of many lovers with their light.

diamond engagement ring

3 – When did diamonds become valuable?

[dropcap custom_class=”whb”]Diamonds were discovered in India in the 4th century BC and they became a valuable product in the 1800s in Europe as a women’s ornament during the most elegant social events.[/dropcap] In 1870 the first South African deposits were found inside a farm owned by the De Beer family and it is here that the history of diamonds begins. The commercial mining company De Beers was born and since then it has sold them all over the world exactly as it continues to do today. Despite the discovery of numerous other diamond mines over time, the firm went on to control much of their production and distribution and to perpetuate the illusion of their scarcity. In this way they managed to stabilize the price of the gem. Diamond prices did not depend on economic conditions and continued to increase every year, so much so that in the 1970s speculators bought diamonds as a valuable investment against inflation and recession.

Now, regardless of their discussed rarity, diamonds continue to be the most valuable gemstones and to be destined for the most precious jewels, from gifts to intimate engagement rings that always retain their value of eternity.

4 – Is a diamond forever?

[pullquote align=”left” style=”style4″ width=”381″ size=”14″ line_height=”18″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#222222″][blockquote custom_class=”” txt_color=”#222222″ size=”25″ line_height=”32″]Is a diamond really forever?[/blockquote][/pullquote]

[dropcap custom_class=”whb”]Is a diamond really forever?[/dropcap] It was 1947 when one of the giants of jewelry decided to launch itself on the market of precious gems and asked its advertiser for an absolutely effective campaign. The slogan that came out was certainly one of the most timeless in the history of marketing and after over 70 years it survives until it has radically supplanted the brand to which it was combined. “A diamond is forever”: these was the catch phrase that came out as a brainstorm.

Tradition has influenced so much on precious stone to give it a true idea of eternity. We are talking about the hardest stone in nature and the brightest of all. His choice cannot therefore be accidental, nor his acceptance as a gift. If you are thinking of a diamond for your loved one or to seal a promise of eternal devotion, you must be aware of the commitment that this symbol requires. And it is precisely this strong emotional value that makes diamonds even more valuable.

Some of the most famous diamonds are real museum objects, born for scepters, crowns or royal jewels. But many precious diamonds also illuminate the eyes of young lovers who recognize in the jewel the long-awaited declaration of love to which they can soon follow the fateful “yes”.


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