What cut of diamond sparkles the most

The cut is one of the most important elements that defines the value of diamonds. Thanks to it some diamonds sparkle the most. The cut determines the brightness of the stone, the higher the quality of the cut, the better its brilliance.

The diamond can be cut into various shapes: round, pear, square (princess), oval, heart, emerald … The round cut diamond is the one that really sparkles more than others, and it is the most typical and requested. It is considered the investment gemstone par excellence. All other forms are called “fancy cuts”.

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The shape of the diamond often depends on the rough stone. The round cut can easily be obtained from fairly regular cubic shaped original diamonds. On the contrary to get a round cut from irregular gemstones it can imply the loss of more than half of the weight of the stone. For this reason, in this case we prefer to get the other kinds of cuts. Round diamonds are composed of 57 facets arranged in a specific combination in order to receive and return light.

Only the art and the meticulousness of Roberto Coin as well as his expert craftsmen have succeeded in creating the only cut able to let the precious gem sparkles as no one did before: the diamond with 100 facets.

Why a diamond sparkles?

Diamonds fascinate everybody with their light, but maybe you would like to know why a diamond sparkles.

The answer is quite easy. A little less simple is the achievement of this precious result. How many times have we had fun by bouncing the sunlight on a mirrored surface?

The diamond behaves just like our mirror. Its lower facets are the same as lots of small mirrors able to reflect. Light enters the stone and bounces to the top so it emanates towards the outside with all its brightness. In this way, it gives the stone a unique and rare brilliance and shine.

So the diamond shines because it is absolutely the gem with the highest refractive index existing in nature.

This play of refractions makes diamonds particularly susceptible to the environment in which they are. In the distance, if the diamond has a good quality, it has an excellent clarity, but once you get close to your eyes, it will show ever larger shadows, which are nothing but your reflection reproduced on the tiny mirrors.

Consequently, the diamond takes on a different appearance in natural or artificial light, in a closed and full of objects room or in large open spaces. And it enhances this magical effect according to its size.

The number of facets

The number of facets of the diamond defines its cut. Precision and delicacy determine its brilliance, fire and overall beauty.

The round cut is the most well-known shape, but there is a wide variety ranging from the most traditional marquise, princess, drop, emerald, oval, baguette or heart to the imaginative and creative as the recent flower cuts.

The quality of the cut refers to the proportions, the symmetry and the polishing that the cutter is able to give to the gem.

The classic round cut diamond is composed of the incredible number of 57 facets (58, if we count the one on the bezel). This is the cut that best enhances the sparkle and shine of the diamond despite simpler cuts being frequently chosen for the various jewelry creations.

The round cut also exists in the 66-facet variant, with the effect of a considerable light emission at the loss of a lot of expensive waste material. Thus the finished gemstone has a lower weight but it sparkles more.

To further enhance its brightness, Roberto Coin has decided to release the most intimate light contained in the rough stone, and decided to create the only diamond in the world with the unthinkable number of 100 facets.

The importance of the setting

The setting has a great importance in making a diamond appear wider or smaller. In fact, diamonds shine because they are able to reflect to the observer a large amount of light amplified by its numerous mirror-polished facets.

The setting is very important to establish the final value of the jewel. It is fundamental to enhance its brightness as well as to protect it from potential impacts. Choosing the right mount for a diamond ring is a way to make the jewelry more particular and original. This means it will also offer you the opportunity to buy a product as suitable as possible to the style of the recipient of the gift.

So the setting has the obvious function of firmly holding the diamond, and it must be well designed and proportionate to have a decisive influence on the preciousness of a ring.

For the solitaire you can opt for a bezel or a 4 or 6 griffes (with prongs) setting according to the size of the gem. If you want to create a visual effect of maximum shine on an Eternity ring, you will need to address yourself to a “pavé” frame. Small diamonds are positioned next to each other as a sparkling field of diamonds.

Diamante cento

The CENTO (Italian translation in letters of “hundred”) diamond has been created in 2003 after long researches which have been carried out by Roberto Coin with the best masters and specialists in the field. 100 represents perfection and completeness so this had to be the number of facets that the perfect diamond should have.

Over two years of work have led to the creation of a gemstone with exceptional characteristics. Thanks to an elaborate study of symmetries, its brilliance and sparkle incomparably influence the return of light, making this stone the brightest ever seen before. The CENTO diamond is cut by hand in 15-16 hours of a cutting that no machine could achieve. You can admire the excellence of the gems too with the small viewer combined with your jewel.

CENTO diamond takes on even more value for the ethical choice of its creator. Like all the diamonds in the Roberto Coin’s collections they come from conflict free areas, so as not to forget that nature should only yield to the respectful action of man.

The very proximity of the stone to mother nature means that any diamond of CENTO collection inevitably becomes a symbol of devotion. In fact, its cut reminds of a flower, just the daisy that accompanied the “does she/he loves me, doesn’t she/he loves me” of our first loves.

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Finally, you are ready for the engagement ring. Now you have to astutely find out what is your fiancee’s finger size. Fortunately the size of the rings is not as binding as that of a dress.

In fact, the size of the finger offers a much larger range and includes many measures among which only a few millimeters run. In addition, the circumference of a woman’s finger also varies by two or three sizes throughout the day.

If in the morning the finger is thinner, during the day or as a result of physical efforts such as the gym, the fingers tend to bulge. For this reason the ring size has a rather wide margin. To make it easier, you can still come up with some tricks to get the valuable information out of her or rely on the measurement standards that see the most common size ranging from 8 to 16 depending on the body structure of the woman.



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