What’s the difference between a bracelet and bangle?

Both born to adorn female arms, they are suitable for different personalities. Bangles are for more eccentric characters, whereas the bracelets satisfy the most varied tastes.

A bangle must always be ring-shaped, rigid, circular and made of metal. Instead a bracelet can be flexible, made of any material, and it can be closed by a clasp.

Cuff, Tennis, Wrap, Bangle and Link: how to choose your perfect bracelet among these models?

The bangle recalls tribal traditions and distant ethnicities. In fact, it is traditionally worn by women throughout Southeast Asia and Central Africa. They are rarely worn alone but rather stacked together. In our society the combination of multiple bangles in various materials and colors creates a vibrant look.

On the contrary, the bracelet is a much more independent jewel. It is generally worn alone, especially if it is an elegant one. A sole bracelet on the arm is a declaration of simplicity and elegance: its presence does not go unnoticed.

The type of bracelet you wear changes your outfit: casual bracelets with beads, coins, strings, with pendants that remind your affections or classy jewels like the refined gold, and diamond bracelets perfect for special occasions.

What is a Bangle?

What is a Bangle?

There is always some confusion in the definition of armlets. The bangle is a jewel which is conceived to adorn not only the wrist, yet also the arm and it is mainly suited to eccentric personalities. It is composed of a rigid and circular structure, generally at least a couple of centimeters high and without closure. If you love bangles you probably have an open and curious temperament or at least your outward appearance seems so. Bangles are the bracelets of African or South East Asian women par excellence. Even when they turn into real jewelry pieces, they maintain their ethnic and sometimes tribal look.

You can combine multiple bangles on both arms, and create a sort of precious tattoo made of different metals and geometries. Of course, you will have to choose the most suitable clothing for a non-conformist look.

The goldsmith’s art loves to play with fantasy on this type of jewel by giving it an informal and youthful look. It is not uncommon that the most pretentious bangles are embellished with precious stones and even gems of rare beauty, despite their maintain their informal style.

What is a Bangle?

The bracelet is a casual or elegant jewel, depending on the chosen style. From the summer ones to the fantastic bracelets with pearls or gemstones, they differ in models, genre and use. Certainly you won’t have any type of diamond bracelet on your wrist in the morning at the market, and rarely you will put a marine-style bracelet at a gala.

The bracelet is made of a more or less flexible material that stays on the male or female wrists and it is closed by a clasp. The most sentimental like prefers bracelets full of pendants that recall the family affections or the values they hold dear.

Roberto Coin dresses the delicate wrist of the ladies with jewels of rare beauty. The Bridal semirigid tennis bracelet in 18kt white gold with CENTO diamonds is a precious jewelry to wear on special occasions, at a posh party or a candlelit dinner, where its sparkle will give warmth to intimacy. The tiny red ruby into contact with your skin is a small gift from the Roberto Coin’s maison. It is a wish for love and courage to the woman who wears it.

What are the differences?

Both beautiful when worn with the right outfit, bangles and bracelets often confuse us. But what are the differences between the two jewels so similar and so different?

First of all they differ in structure. Bangles are stiff, generally a few centimeters high and have no closure. They are simple circles of various heights to put on the arm; even better if more than one up to cover half the forearm. They are a purely feminine jewel, and recall an idea of ​​freedom and non-conventionality. By a glance to their usually ethnic motifs, thought flies unconsciously to distant countries and cultures.

The bracelets are much more varied in their form. They can be flexible or rigid and made of varied materials. They close with a clasp or a hook and adapt to female and male wrists. They are more traditional and similar to western look. Based on the chosen style they can radically change your look. Day bracelets can be lively and extravagant, whereas for the evening or for important occasions the most classy bracelets shine gold and precious stones, particularly in the case of women’s jewelry.

What to go for?

What to go for when you want to give a personal touch to your look? The options are many. You can opt for very original bangles that recall distant scents and oriental traditions. By choosing to wear more than one bangle you can create imaginative color and design combinations that will make your forearm sensual and exotic.

Certainly the clothing have to be in harmony with your jewelry, and must have the same slightly unconventional charm.

However, this style is not suitable for everyone. If what you are looking for is instead the unmistakable class and the most traditional elegance, bracelets are perfect for your taste. Thinner and molded on the wrist, they gracefully ring the female arm. From the most sporty to the classic diamond bracelets, you can choose the model that best suits you and the various occasions.

Some bracelets are closely linked to the person who wears them, so as to remind his private sphere through multiple pendants. Others are jewels designed to attract the inevitable attention of anyone around you. The blinding light of diamonds hardly goes unnoticed. Also in this case the dress has to be carefully chosen, and live up to such a grace.




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