What do rings on different fingers mean?

What do rings on different fingers mean especially for a woman? From how you wear your rings you can discover something about your personality. Look at your hands and find out what your rings for women say about you!

What do rings on different fingers mean?

If you love to wear more rings on your left hand surely you are a creative and sensitive person, while those who prefer the right one let the most rational part of themselves predominate.

Each finger of the hand then has a very precise symbolism.

The solid and strong thumb is a symbol of power, and adorning it with a ring is a provocative way to show self-confidence. The pointer symbolizes the direction to take. When you decorate it with a ring you unknowingly reveal determination and ambition. The middle finger indicates a sense of responsibility. Embellishing it with a ring reveals a desire for balance.

The ring finger has always been considered the finger of love on which to wear the engagement ring and faith. If you put a ring around it, it almost unequivocally means that your care is already taken.

Then the small and aristocratic little finger is the laziest one, and if you like to ring it you are probably a bit narcissist but also a fervently intuitive woman.

Rings, fingers and meaning

There is a strong relationship between rings and fingers.

The hidden meaning of choosing the position of the rings on the fingers reveals your personality and your ambitions. From astrology to psychoanalysis there are several common theories about the habit of adorning one’s hands and above all about how to do it.

The meaning of a ring on the thumb is self-confidence, on the pointer it unveils determination and ambition. On the middle finger it indicates a desire for balance and on the aristocratic little finger it symbolizes a bit of narcissism mixed with creativity. Instead a ring worn on the ring finger surely shows the pronounced sense of the family and the love for certain affections. It unequivocally means that your heart is already engaged, and somewhere there is a man who desires to exhibit your bond with him by showing the delicate gift on your hand.

What is a promise ring?

If you ask yourself what a promise ring is, you must know that according to the ancient Egyptians there is a vein that from the ring finger of the left hand reaches our heart. To that finger now as then we are used to link our greatest promises.

We talk about a kind of promise that involves our feelings and our affections, those commitments that fill our spirit with love and urge us to have a deep desire to keep them for life. It can be a promise of brotherly love, of couple, between parent and child or even a commitment that we want to keep with ourselves. But always, and in any case, the ring on our finger is a small and profound symbol of the great pledge we intend to put into what we hold dear. A promise ring is all this, it is the little knot on our finger so as not to forget what is important to us.

Bridal Rose gold ring 18k CENTO DIAMOND with pink sapphires

The Bridal Rose 18k gold ring with CENTO diamond and pink sapphires recalls the ancient fragrance and contemporary freshness of a promise. The purity and strength of the diamond join the wisdom represented by sapphires, and create a jewel which is symbol of love and integrity. It is suitable as a proposal ring for a traditional woman rich in liveliness and modernity.

The setting is very important to establish the final value of the jewel. It is fundamental to enhance its brightness as well as to protect it from potential impacts. Choosing the right mount for a diamond ring is a way to make the jewelry more particular and original. This means it will also offer you the opportunity to buy a product as suitable as possible to the style of the recipient of the gift.

So the setting has the obvious function of firmly holding the diamond, and it must be well designed and proportionate to have a decisive influence on the preciousness of a ring.

For the solitaire you can opt for a bezel or a 4 or 6 griffes (with prongs) setting according to the size of the gem. If you want to create a visual effect of maximum shine on an Eternity ring, you will need to address yourself to a “pavé” frame. Small diamonds are positioned next to each other as a sparkling field of diamonds.

What finger do you wear a promise ring on?

What finger do you wear a promise ring on? Certainly, the ring finger of the left hand because that is where the ring takes on its full meaning.

It is precisely from that finger which the ancient Egyptians thought that the artery that rises to the heart passed. Even if anatomy has denied this theory, we like to leave the old belief alive and entrust our dearest feelings to it. The tradition has been perpetuated through the ancient Romans and it has reached the present day almost intact because, as the greatest romantics teach us, love is eternal.

Until 50 years ago there was a very intransigent society, and it was not acceptable for a promise ring to be worn on a finger that was not the ring finger of the left hand. Today etiquette has lost some of its appeal and new generations love to feel free. For this, it can also happen to see the symbolic ring elegantly displayed on another finger.

Bridal white gold ring 18k CENTO DIAMOND with lateral rows of brilliant cut diamonds.

Promise or engagement rings for modern women must carry the spirit of innovation! The bridal 18k white gold ring with CENTO diamond and lateral rows of brilliant cut diamonds is the fashion ring destined for the new exuberant generations. Its precious stones recall the ancient and still usual tradition of the magical promise gift as declaration of love. Its mount reveals that it is for a contemporary woman, romantic and resolute at the same time.

What does it mean when your boyfriend gives you a promise ring?

The exciting and long-awaited day has arrived and your boyfriend gives you a promise ring. What does it mean? How will your life change?

Diamond rings for women have an unmistakable meaning: they symbolize love, esteem and passion. When a man gives his woman a diamond ring it means that he intends to engage with her. The jewel has an undoubted preciousness, but its absolute value lies in the feeling that accompanies it. Whether it is offered with poetry verses, a song or a hand in hand race, the promise ring means that you have started your journey towards a destiny together.

For etiquette the promise ring is followed by the engagement ring, and after an exact year the wedding should be celebrated. Today not everyone wants or can be so formal and sometimes the promise ring also plays the role of engagement jewel.

Bridal white gold ring 18k CENTO DIAMOND

You can ask her with a flower! The proposal ring for a young woman must express all the freshness and vitality of her soul. This is why the bridal ring 18k white gold ring with CENTO diamond on “Tulip” setting is the perfect proposal ring to declare your love. Its mount enhances the beauty of the diamond, leaving it free and visible in all its parts.




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