What is a proposal ring?

What a proposal ring is if not the symbol of the commitment which will lead a couple to the altar? It is a pledge of love which the future groom will give to his beloved one as a promise of their forthcoming wedding. The etiquette wants the bride to wear it on the ring finger of her left hand.

The most classic proposal rings are Solitaire, Eternity band with diamonds or Trilogy which is composed of three diamonds which symbolize “yesterday, today and tomorrow together“.

The most classic proposal rings are Solitaire, Eternity and Trilogy

The tradition of offering proposal rings with diamond dates back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Maria di Borgogna a gold ring with diamond as marriage proposal. This royal custom has remained alive for centuries and giving a Solitaire has become almost a fixed step that precedes the wedding itself.

Since each Roberto Coin’s creation is the result of an exciting journey which starts from the skilled hands of artisans and becomes a true work of art, all its proposal diamond rings are unique as only Italian artisan goldsmith creations can be.

The CENTO diamond, exclusive production of the prestigious house, illuminates the jewel with its particular light. Its 100 facets instead of 57 give the gemstone a brilliance never seen before and they make the ring even more precious. The small ruby that is hidden in the frame is the indistinguishable signature of the artist and the heritage of the legend of a fire that is not consumed.

Are engagement rings and proposal rings the same?

It's a simple way to say "I would like to spend the rest of my life with you"

Engagement rings and proposal rings have exactly the same purpose.

The proposal is that moment of exciting preparations in which the most daring of the two lovers comes forward and ask to consolidate the relationship. How can you do it if not letting  your loved one’s eyes shine? Of course a ring is just a symbol. It’s a simple way to say “I would like to spend the rest of my life with you”, but it is also a challenge for a man who is not so a regular visitor to jewelry stores. 

Research is not always easy, financial commitment can be significant and suspense is great. Waiting for a “yes” generates emotions that only once in a lifetime do you decide to face. For this reason the one who decides to venture into the brilliant forest of engagement rings is really ready for the big step.

So talking about proposal or engagement rings is exactly the same thing. Perhaps the choice of the term depends only on the optimism of those who give it! If in the first case he still has some doubts about the success of his enterprise, in the second he already knows that he will succeed and he will end with the hand of his beloved one and with a long lasting future together.

Since the dawn of time the most emblematic ring to advance the marriage request has been diamonds one in Solitaire, Trilogy or Eternity setting. It encloses in the strength of its diamonds the solidity of the love that one intends to build.

Solitaire proposal rings

Choosing proposal rings does not allow mistakes and Solitaire is certainly the best solution to make your loved one’s eyes shine. Present this special gift placed in a perfectly packaged box with a diamond inside. The result can only be a “yes” full of expectations.

The Solitaire is a classic among proposal rings: it is the most desired and bright and it will never go out of style. All the better since it’s forever!

It is the pledge of eternal love and symbol of a union of two people. It is simply the dream of every woman.

The proposal ring is a very personal present, which generates great emotion and accompanies an important promise. Your choice will seem difficult to you and in fact it is, considering that it will remain on the finger of your sweetheart for a lifetime.

To be sure not to go wrong, follow the basic rule in buying a jewel: choose one of value. Focus on the quality and seriousness of the brand you are relying on.

Roberto Coin shows  his talent by creating pieces of exclusive beauty. Its Maison boasts unique diamonds with an unmatched light. CENTO is the name of this gemstone which is the sole having 100 facets and that is incredible for its brilliance. Placed as the only precious stone on a frame of white, yellow or pink gold, it has a regal appearance of its elegance and the fresh vitality of the precious stone.

Other types of proposal rings

There are also other types of proposal ring. Like all high garments and accessories, jewelry also offers its collections. Thus new shapes and design and great classics continue to make lovers’ hearts beat.

If you are thinking of pronouncing the fateful “yes”, here you go some types of proposal rings in addition to the timeless Solitaire, Trilogy and Eternity.

We all know that tradition wants the bride to wear something blue. Couldn’t this superstitious object be a beautiful sapphire on an 18 kt white golden frame? 

Rings with geometric cut and square stones are very stylish too. They are famous for their hexagonal or triangular cut that recalls a youthful perfection and the minimalism of northern cultures. The teardrop ring is another trend for proposal rings that never go out of fashion. Essentially extravagant and modern couples choose it because they want to stand out from the classic cliché by preferring a more rock and less conventional form.

The new trends are also accompanied by large returns. The ring with yellow gold inserts is a classic that shines again on the fingers of young brides. Its delicacy is destined never to go out of style.

And for all vintage brides, jewels with retro diamond cuts like the emerald and marquise one are the perfect choice. The particular cut of the gemstone makes it seem larger than it actually is.

But in the end, besides the many models of proposal rings, your romantic words will give your woman butterflies. So choose among these many types the ring that suits her best and pronounce your marriage proposal.

Each Roberto Coin’s creation is the result of an exciting journey which starts from the skilled hands of artisans and becomes a true work of art




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