What is the difference between promise ring and engagement ring

What is the difference between promise and engagement ring? The deep meaning of both reveals the pledge you wish to make to your sweetheart.

The real difference is that the engagement ring has only one meaning, in fact it represents a marriage request and a commitment to life. Rather the promise ring has more particular and differentiated objectives. It may want to communicate a special friendship, the unconditional parental love, chastity, monogamy or whatever else you feel.

What is the right diamond size for an engagement ring?

The two types generally differ in their general appearance. If the classic Solitaire is the absolute emblem of engagement rings, the promise ring is normally simpler and less expensive.

If we really want to be accurate, there is a clear difference between the two rings. The engagement ring must be worn exclusively on the ring finger of the left hand, where one day the wedding ring will go. The promise ring, which is often worn on the same finger, can instead be placed where it is most convenient, without any symbolic constraint.

However, the timeless etiquette is not always so rigid and it can happen that an absolutely important ring is chosen with the aim of sealing a promise that is not necessarily a marriage. Sometimes these rings can have the same structure, stone and material value, so it is always good that you accompany your gift with a message or a declaration, so as not to leave any doubts about your intent.

Is a promise ring the same as an engagement ring?

Promise rings and engagement rings have different meanings.

Is a promise ring the same as an engagement ring? This is an important question, especially if you want your relationship to be based on clarity and sincerity. The answer is they are not.

Promise rings and engagement rings have different meanings, although both seal a pledge. The first is symbol of the commitment you want to take with the person you love. It can stand for fidelity, parental devotion, monogamy or it can bind people with a profound message.

The engagement ring has a sole meaning. It is as unique as the intent of those who give it and it represents the absolute declaration of love which hopefully will be followed by the marriage.

Generally, also the rings are not the same. The diamond Solitaire is the unmistakable emblem of the engagement. Of course the one who wears it is someone’s sweetheart. Nevertheless, other rings may also be suitable for engagement requests. Among these, Eternity rings represent the durability of feelings over time and Trilogy ones symbolize your feeling yesterday, today and tomorrow. So, they go perfectly with a lifelong plan.

The promise ring models can be various  and sometimes they can be less demanding from an economic point of view. Apart from the Solitaire, the other two above mentioned models are also suitable for this type of jewel. If your promise has a more modest value you can also orient yourself towards simpler frames or smaller gemstones.

Can promise rings be used as engagement rings?

Sometimes promise rings can be used as engagement rings.

They symbolize love and commitment among those who love one another. It is not rare that they are the seal of a serious relationship and represent the will to stay together for a lifetime. In this sense, promise rings are pre-engagement rings. But the label is less rigorous than it used to be in the past, and the timing that marks the evolution of the couple is no longer the same. So it is possible that the promise ring indicates a pledge of love and a marriage proposal at once.

Overall, promise rings are a visible sign of your intentions towards the relationship, regardless of what you are planning for the future. Since their meaning is very varied, it is better to clarify what it means for you.

The timeless diamonds are perfect for beautiful promise rings for couples. When these precious gemstones are used for this purpose they tend to be smaller than those which are destined to engagement rings. So they are a bit cheaper than others. But as modern good manners allow more flexibility, nothing prevents you from choosing a magnificent Solitaire in both cases.

Each Roberto Coin’s promise ring for couples hides a small ruby inside. This tiny stone is a strong mythological symbol of love, passion and courage, and it goes perfectly with a secret message of love of any kind it is.

So, can I propose with a promise ring?

Sometimes yes. Certainly it depends on the person for whom it is designed. If she is a traditional woman, who perhaps belongs to an old-fashioned family or who simply loves the symbolism of jewels, obviously you will have to choose distinct moments and rings for a promise and for the engagement. But if your sweetheart goes far from appearances, and she doesn’t care about conformism, you can easily decide to ask for her hand with a beautiful promise ring.

The very fact of wanting to celebrate one’s love signifies the intention to believe in a commitment, which in some cases may not be the marriage, but the promise of a life together. Therefore, it is clear that free from etiquette constraints, nowadays feelings are less conformist and more truthful. It means that the message of devotion and the object that accompanies, it must also come from your heart and not from formality.

Many people use promise rings to propose! But since promise rings can mean anything you want, it is good that you make your intent clear so as not to create erroneous expectations or to wait for her clear “yes”.

Roberto Coin’s promise rings hide a singular symbol. They have a small ruby which represents the strength of passion that has come to us through myth and legend.
So let this little gemstone continue to pass on the story of an endless love, which in this case will be yours.

A small ruby is hidden inside the ring to remember how love, courage and passion guide our destinies.




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