What is the right diamond size for an engagement ring?

Etiquette is important also in love. Therefore, what is the right diamond size for an engagement ring? Various components come into play to define the beauty of the gemstone.

There is no doubt that if you choose an engagement ring with diamonds, you want to amaze your lover with a jewel that is not only beautiful but also meaningful. In fact, it should express the power of your feelings.

What is the right diamond size for an engagement ring?

When choosing diamonds, you have to consider different aspects that are not simply the size: carat, color, clarity and cut, the “4 C that determine its quality and value. So, don’t mind about the size but about the prestigious combination of these factors.

As for the size, opt for a pure stone in which the absence of colour enhances the intensity of natural light and whose shape highlights its beauty and gleam.

A Roberto Coin’s diamond ring seals the engagement proposal by a 18kt white gold band with seven CENTO diamonds in “Tulip” setting. Its brilliance evokes the purest essence of love. The original mount recalls the exclusive and unconventional future you mean to promise to her.

Bigger is not always better

The size does not determine the value of a stone but the combination of characteristics that define its quality.

Take care while you are choosing the perfect diamond for your woman: bigger is not always better. The size does not determine the value of a stone but the combination of characteristics that define its quality.

A diamond can be large enough to show itself as a flashy light, but it does not mean that it possesses all the qualities that make this gemstone so precious.

First of all, the value of the diamond is given by its carats and clarity although these do not affect its visible beauty.
Its look is mostly defined by the color which can vary from absolute transparency of the very rare stones to different level of yellow shades of the less refined ones. But especially the type of cut is the quality that best of all gives the diamond much of its beauty and enhances its brilliance. A perfectly cut stone shines much more.


The cut is the aspect that best of all gives the diamond beauty and brilliance. The more a diamond is cut well, the more it reflects the light and shines. Even starting from a perfect color and purity, a poorly cut diamond will never be as brilliant as it could have been. The cuts are so many and different that they give the gemstone a different personality and importance depending on the chosen shape. The most common are the round or the squared one also-called “princess” but there are other types as heart, drop, marquise, emerald and oval.


The scale of the clarity of a diamond tells us how much it is devoid of internal imperfections. These are natural inclusions that can occur during the crystallization process and they are are visible only through the use of an instrument that enlarges the original stone by 10 times.

The values of the scale are:

  • FL perfect, without any inclusion;
  • IF, no internal inclusions;
  • VVS-1, VVS-2, few and very small structural inhomogeneity;
  • VS-1, VS-2, some slight flaw;
  • SI-1, SI-2, SI-3, flaws visible to an experienced eye;
  • I-1, I-2, I-3, many imperfections visible to the naked eye.


We are used to imagine the diamond as a colorless, crystalline stone which sparkles with a thousand colors due to the effects of the reflection and dispersion of light within it. However, diamonds may have different colors from colourless to more or less intense yellow, and in general this stone exists in nature also in many other shades.

The color is evaluated by a scale that uses the letters of the alphabet. Where D corresponds to very rare stones in which there is an absence of color, Z diamonds are those with the greatest presence of straw-colored reflections. Colored or fancy diamonds are out of this classification.


Carat is the unit of measurement of the weight of diamonds. Each carat weighs 0.20 grams so a 5 carat diamond weighs 1 gram.
We must not confuse it with Karato which is instead a unit of measurement for gold.

The weight of diamond must be calculated with an accurate method and specific precision. Even the weighing technique must be meticulous, in fact we must avoid any vibration and air movement. Even high temperature variations can affect the detection.

What is the average diamond size for an engagement ring?

If you are wondering what is the average diamond size for an engagement ring, there is no right answer!
Certainly the fantastic large stones that we often see on the fingers of celebrities or high society members are not so common in everyday life.
The engagement ring is more than just a jewel. Although it is clearly visible to all, it has a very intimate meaning. It reveals your love for your better half and embodies what she represents for you.

What Diamond sparkles the most?

Are you wondering what Diamond sparkles the most?It is clear that the diamond engagement ring you are about to give her represents your intimate declaration of love, but it is also true that you would scream out your feeling to the world. So you would like the precious gemstone set on the ring to be large, visible, blinding for its brightness. Since diamonds with regal dimensions are not accessible to everyone, you have to choose the symbol of your union with great care in order to find the one that sparkles like a star.

Of all the diamond cuts the round one shines more intensely. This is why this diamond shape is highly sought-after for example for engagement rings and all important jewels. Other types of diamond extremely bright are called fancy shapes like the marquise, oval, pear, emerald and heart cut.

The diamond engagement ring represents your intimate declaration of love



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