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Why do they call it a diamond tennis bracelet?

It was 1987 when the famous American tennis player Chris Evert lost an expensive bracelet formed by a single row of diamonds during a US Open match. The athlete asked the judge to suspend the game until the precious jewelry was recovered and so it happened.

Since that day, that particular type of jewel which is made up of a sole continuous row of diamonds that even covers its closure was called a tennis bracelet.

Why do they call it a diamond tennis bracelet?

Perhaps thanks to Evert’s unpleasant experience, today’s closures are much more robust, and have their own safety mechanism to prevent accidental opening. The Tennis bracelet has become a favorite among women and men around the world. Refined, sober and extremely elegant, a tennis bracelet is also a masterpiece of goldsmith mastery that can be created in various carats. It normally starts from tennis which have in total one carat made of eighty small diamonds, up to a 10 carats tennis bracelet, with a very high value in which about 44 white diamonds are set, passing through variant with black diamonds.This is so fashionable especially for men.

Diamonds are carefully selected, so that they all have the same color and purity. The size of each stone must be expertly calibrated because it can happen that diamonds have slightly different diameters. Only with this careful selection the bracelet are made with perfectly aligned diamonds and without the risk of losing one or more stones.

History of the tennis bracelets

What’s the history of the tennis bracelets?

Before becoming known as “tennis bracelet”, this jewel was known as an eternity bracelet. For this reason, it is a gift that is often recommended to men for their partner. In fact, the tennis bracelet symbolizes an important love which will never end, and it is perfect to be given on special occasions or anniversaries. This bracelet began to be called tennis bracelet in 1987 when during a tennis Open match, the American tennis player Chris Evert suddenly lost her diamond bracelet in the middle of the game.

She asked to interrupt it momentarily in order to recover all the stones scattered in the field during the live TV. The young champion unknowingly outlined a sort of advertising spot for this jewel that from that day on was called the tennis bracelet. From that moment it became very famous on the one hand because of the curious episode, on the other because Evert showed how this kind of practical and elegant jewel could easily be worn even by a sportswoman.

This bracelet is so thin that it is like a light thread that surrounds the wrist, and gives a touch of grace to the athlete. Precisely because of its fine elegance, also suitable for sportswomen, the tennis bracelet has become an evergreen present. It is the right accessory for an active woman, as it can really be put on any occasion, and adapts to different garments and fashions.

Styles of tennis bracelets

The styles of tennis bracelets, all very similar to each other, can vary for a few precious peculiarities. The tennis bracelet is simple and elegant. It is the perfect jewel to wear on any occasion, and that should never be missing in a woman’s jewelry box. In fact, it is an essential design bracelet, composed of a row of diamonds or other stones, all of the same dimension, simply placed next to each other.

The peculiarity of this bracelet is also the closure that literally disappears once worn, so that the beginning and the end of the bracelet cannot be distinguished: in this way it takes the form of a continuous closed line. Precisely for this reason it is often a gift made between lovers, as a symbol of their eternal love.

The tennis bracelet , thanks to its minimalist elegance, can be easily combined with any outfit, and at any time of the day, as the tennis player Evert has clearly taught us, when unintentionally made him so famous.
Usually the most used frame is in white gold and the diamonds used are mainly round or square cut. The more sophisticated models, on the other hand, can include diamonds with other cuts, such as rectangular or even heart-shaped baguettes, although the latter are the rarest, especially because it is an expensive work which is more suitable for gemstones of a certain size.
The diamond tennis bracelet for men are not rare, indistinguishable signs for eclectic and charismatic personalities.

How to choose the perfect diamond tennis bracelet?

How to choose the perfect diamond tennis bracelet? The tennis bracelet is a must-have for every woman’s wrist, regardless of the style she prefers to wear.

It is an extremely classy jewel in its simplicity. To make sure you make the right choice you have to evaluate the gems that feature this bracelet. Diamonds are the most classic and significant option of which color homogeneity is a basic quality. The shades have to be the same throughout the circumference of the bracelet, so as not to lose its meaning of eternity. One component that should not be underestimated is the closure. In a well-made tennis bracelet it must be concealed. The visible carabiners would ruin the sense of continuity of the bracelet.

Finally it is important to opt for the right material. A diamond tennis bracelet can be in white, yellow or pink gold on which diamonds of various caliber are usually mounted. For his most graceful creation Roberto Coin has preferred white gold, which goes well with diamonds. So his Bridal semirigid tennis bracelet 18 kt with CENTO diamond sparkles for the homogeneous light that comes from the setting and its gemstones.

A valuable suggestion is to carefully establish a budget. Obviously, it is good to take into account the enormous value of gold and diamonds. A tennis bracelet of excellent workmanship, created with very high value materials, will have a decidedly higher price than a similar one with less precious materials. In short: consider well what you are looking for and do not hold back from investing in a quality accessory!

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