A pair of beautiful diamond earrings for Christmas

A pair of beautiful diamond earrings could leave you speechless on Christmas morning. Who in life has chosen to pierce the lobes to wear earrings, no longer knows how to part with them. So, if your loved one is used to adorn herself with the usual earrings, she will be surprised in front of the diamond earrings you have given as a gift.

A pair of beautiful diamond earrings for Christmas

The earrings have a very long tradition and a history that dates back to the Bronze Age. Being a very particular ornament, they were worn by the upper classes as an emblem of wealth and status symbol. It is curious that once mainly men used to put them. Just think of the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to understand how the male figures and the Pharaohs used the earrings. In earliest Greece, these jewels began to spread more widely among the population. Later, in the Middle Ages, earrings started being an accessory used by women and became valuable in the true sense of the term. For their realization, gemstones and pearls were used and only towards the end of the eighteenth century the diamond was introduced. It has become the precious stone par excellence and it is still the dream of every woman.

The most popular design: stud earrings

The most popular design are stud earrings. These are a very feminine accessory which enriches the look and highlight the beauty of the face. All provided that they are chosen well. So observe the habits of the person you intend to give them, whether she is your loved one or a dear friend or relative and identifies her taste. Generally the stud earrings are a great classic that fits perfectly to every woman.

The stud earrings are those with the pin inserted into the hole of the lobe and the butterfly closure at the back. They are small, lightweight and comfortable thanks to the simple closing system.The most popular models are button earrings with different gems that, due to their shape, look a bit like buttons, or the famous light point earrings that are usually in bright white gold with a brilliant stone set. Then we have a thousand other shapes like hearts, stars or flowers and many other more trendy versions suitable for more extravagant personalities.

Regardless of the model, the stud earrings are perfect for any occasion and for everyday use, so if you are unsure about which earrings to give as a gift, by choosing stud earrings you will surely make her happy.

Drop Earrings: an elegant classic

Drop earrings are an elegant classic. As any type of earrings they are jewelry conceived for all the women around the world, with a history of millennia. Many designers have measured themselves in the art of earring, by making creations from the simplest to the most eccentric ones.

It is surprising how much drop earrings know how to give a twist to a woman’s outfit. There are models for all tastes and occasions. They enhance the face discreetly but super effectively!

They are accessories that cannot be missing in every woman’s look: every shape has its particular beauty, comfort, charm.

Drop earrings are imaginative and express a sense of liveliness and movement: they are perfect for special events, where you want to be out of the ordinary. The pendant can be small or long, drop-shaped, or in various shapes and sizes. Long drop earrings are made to capture attention! They can be elaborate, sophisticated compositions, but also designed on simple geometries. The only requirement is that they are shining, comfortable to wear and that they do not force the lobe. They can be worn with short or long gathered hair.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings have been a powerful icon for different civilizations and have never been a strictly feminine prerogative. Their increasingly larger diameters today tell a cultural story as old as creation itself. Their first appearance in the world of jewelry was already in 2500 BC among the Sumerian women, a thousand years later in Ancient Egypt even cats, sacred animals, were adorned with these symbolic jewels, whereas in the earlier Rome the hoop earrings became a status symbol. Modern history sees these jewels as protagonists of the golden age of piracy, since between 1650 and 1730 they were worn by them as a pledge of guaranteed for an adequate burial in case of death at sea.

Hoop earrings are once again the most used accessory for every occasion

Result of musical and cinematographic culture from across the ocean, the 90s and early 2000s saw this jewelry as part of a typical and idealized clothing of African American and Latin women of the ghetto, an emblem of strength, resistance and identity. The hoop earrings are back on the catwalks of last years, winning the role of three must-have accessories for young and elegant women like many famous actresses and showgirls. Nowadays the hoop earrings are once again the most used accessory for every occasion.

Huggies, a more original design

Huggies earrings, are a more original design jewelry for sophisticated women who love an enveloping and self-confident look.

A pair of diamond huggies for Christmas is not simply a surprise, but an accessory to wear immediately.

If your better half loves hoop earrings, but her style is sober and refined, huggies are the most suitable model for her. Dotted with diamonds they adorn the lineaments of the one who wears them on important occasions such as gala dinner or special events, whereas with a single tiny diamond they are perfect at any time of the day and with any clothing. Thanks to their practical clasp, the huggies are simple to put and their closure is robust and safe. A pair of diamond huggies for Christmas is not simply a surprise, but an accessory to wear immediately. In the most traditional form they remain close to the lobe, as if to embrace it.

Unlike stud earrings, they give the face a more confident and feminine air and they seem to be born for a woman who believes in her femininity. The most striking models can carry pendants that give the jewel a more unconventional look. Discover her tastes and leave her breathless with her new huggies under the Christmas tree.



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