Why a pair of diamond earrings is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

In short, we will tell you why a pair of diamond earrings is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Like every year the nightmare of arriving empty-handed afflicts you and you both have got fed of the repetitive heart-shaped chocolate box. Then if she tells you that she is not interested in celebrating, know that she expects anyway a little thought, a nice gift, even better if a jewel.

Drops or hoops recently returned to the catwalks of fashion

As we all know, women don’t like to ask for it, but they want to feel pampered with kind attentions and perhaps with a gift chosen from the heart. So hurry up looking for the best gift and, if you rely on our advice of expert connoisseurs of feminine tastes, we can guarantee that a pair of diamond earrings is the most coveted gift by women.

More than any other jewel, the earrings give light to the part of the body that is always visible to everyone. A face illuminated by fine and tasteful earrings is very refined and even the most casual outfit will appear charming.Whether they are very simple studs or earrings with a particular design like drops or hoops recently returned to the catwalks of fashion, every woman loves wearing accessories that represent her. In order to choose the diamond earrings most suitable for her, pay attention to her usual hairstyle, think about her habits and evaluate her facial shape. Here are some valuable proposals that have come from the Roberto Coin’s Maison.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of studs

You can't go wrong with a pair of studs

Two precious stones are enough to brighten your face: the stud earrings with round-cut diamonds supported by a white gold base are simple but refined to wear at any time. Studs are some of the most classic and graceful jewels that can be given as gifts. It is a jewel made up of a single stone or several ones close together that form a point of light.

The gemstones can be diamonds. Studs can be worn both on formal occasions and in everyday life, and they can be even more elegant if combined with a necklace or a solitaire ring with a simple mount. Stud earrings are valuable evergreens that never go out of fashion. They can have various shapes: round, square, heart, flower, star or pendant. A simple design highlights the unique elegance of the diamonds.

Bridal earrings in 18kt white gold with CENTO diamond in “King Cross” setting are one of the most popular and delicate suggestions of the collections of Roberto Coin. The solid and discreet frame let the diamond visible and protects it. The flat closure is comfortable and innovative and the brilliance of the CENTO is incomparable to that of any other diamond.

Drop earrings are more elegant

Drop earrings are more elegant. Like any other jewel, their variations range from the simplest creations to the most elaborate design.

They have an essential role in the feminine outfit, because their simple presence can give a radical change to your look. Facial light is just one of the important elements. The elegance of the jewel which generally tends to be rich and fairly showy is its other characteristic. The half-length makes them perfect to wear with a not too long loose hair or with hairstyles gathered in a tuft. Certainly the dress must be as elegant as the jewel, but there is no doubt that if you love drop earrings you are a connoisseur of good taste and your clothing reveals it.

Their mount with a free floating pendant makes the earring particularly sensual and bewitching. It can be small or long, drop-shaped, or in various shapes and sizes according to your personality.

Roberto Coin’s 18kt white gold bridal earrings with CENTO diamonds and brilliant cut diamonds are a must-have accessory in your jewelry box if you lead a mundane life or you like gala evenings, everyday grace and above all if you can’t give up on beauty. The small hoops embrace the lobe and enlighten it with the unmistakable shine of the diamonds. The CENTO diamonds and the pendant structure continue towards the neck with the same brilliance. The white gold frame enhances the stones and almost disappears behind their sparkle.

Hoops are discrete and easy to wear

Hoops are discrete and easy to wear

Hoops are discrete and easy to wear and if they are studded with diamonds, they look unmistakably elegant.

The timeless charm of these earrings has ancient origins. The first hoops were found in Mesopotamia. Over time they have changed and evolved following fashion. Today they are back in vogue and they make their way among the trends of the moment because the call of tradition and elegance of the past is strong. It is a must-have of the every woman’s jewelry box.

Hoop earrings are one the most popular types of earrings in jewelry and they have been worn by all women for decades.

As for any accessory, their presence is like a cherry on the cake: it completes the outfit by sublimating it. The hoop earrings are beautiful to look at, especially if worn in combination with a gathered hairstyle that let them in plain sight. Depending on your personality, you can opt for small or large, simple or flashy models.Here is a proposal ready to frame your face.

Circle of Life earrings in 18kt white gold with CENTO diamonds isn’t certainly a model that goes unnoticed. The brilliance of CENTO diamonds follows from the lobe towards the neck in an apparently endless sequence. The skillful arrangement of the stones leaves them entirely visible, enhancing the value of the jewel itself. Suitable for special occasions and everyday life, it is the perfect earring for a woman who loves to be simply refined.




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