How to surprise your girlfriend with the engagement ring

Is there any perfect way to surprise your girlfriend with the engagement ring? Of course yes. Whether you are a creative or sentimental or unconventional man, you need an icon to seal that special moment. Even the bravest suitors show off their courage behind the shining shield of a magnificent ring.

The engagement ring you carefully chose for your girlfriend is a symbol that passed through generations and centuries.

How to surprise your girlfriend with the engagement ring?

As a romantic knight you can hide it among the petals of a bouquet of red roses or surprise her during a dinner in the most refined restaurant! If you are an adventurous one you can offer it on the highest peak and if your girlfriend loves animals, tie it to the collar of your future wagging little dog.

In whatever way you do, you have to surprise her by touching the strings of her soul by summarizing the simplicity and complexity of your feelings in a piece of fine jewelry.

The engagement ring symbolizes not only your love but it reflects her personality. This is why we want our jewels to be unique. Dissolved from any stylistic line that makes them easily identifiable, they must be able to represent the woman who wears them. They must become part of her.

First: find the perfect ring

Our goal is to create, innovate and find out the infinite feminine personalities.

First: find the perfect engagement ring. Of course, because if you are choosing it for her that means she is perfect for you!

How do you see your woman? This is the point. We make exclusive engagement rings for special unrepeatable women.

Roberto Coin’s jewelry is born free of any stylistic constraints. Our goal is to create, innovate and find out the infinite feminine personalities. We let the shapes of the carved metals express what each woman is and we reveal the man how to show his admiration for her.

The bridal ring with CENTO diamond on a “C” upside-down mount has a minimal and elegant design to enhance the stone which appears suspended and visible in its entirety. Through its unique cut with 100 facets instead of the typical 57 it shows the perfection and majesty of nature.

Find in its “C” the sense of contemporaneity as it is in fact the most loved by the new generations.

The engagement  ring CENTO boasts the creativity of dynamic and surprising lines as a young love ready to launch itself into an unpredictable future and it has the perfect strength of 18kt white gold from which it is made.

Find the right scenario

Find the right scenario to give her the seal of your love. Whatever will be the place, you will need a shining engagement ring as valuable ally. Our rings collection will forever symbolize your promise to her.

The engagement ring needs three ingredients: love, sincerity and a perfect unforgettable plot. And this hard work belongs to the man who must bring out all his passion and a bit of bravery to surprise the woman of his life.

Are you looking for some ideas?

Choose the right location, the wonderful scenario on a remote beach and propose a simple take away dinner on the sand. While she will open her special meal box she will be amazed by the unusual presence of the ring!

If you really want to leave her breathless take her to the top of the highest tower of your city and kneel like a gentleman of past times to offer her your symbol of devotion.

And if you are both incurable romantics nothing is worth more than a timeless bouquet of red roses among whose petals you will hide a solitaire diamond ring.

Have a glance to our jewellery online and fancy the right scenario for giving her an extraordinary jewel.

Find the right time

When is the perfect moment for giving the engagement ring? Find the right time, the intimate period of the couple’s life which comes with very personal rates and modes.

Once the rituals provided that the man gave it the woman exactly one year before the wedding date. With it the proposal was advanced, hoping that the beloved would grant her “yes”. This custom has now faded, and it is not always odd that engagement rings will be followed by marriage because they already represent a promise in themselves.

A promise ring means declaring your strong bond with the loved one. To express the indissoluble love that binds you to your girlfriend you must look for something equally precious, unique and lasting as your future together will be. Since each woman is and wants to feel different from the other, our jewels aim to reflect the most varied feminine characters. This is why Roberto Coin’s jewels are born independent of any stylistic constraint and embody the spirit of the many women who wear them.

Free yourself from empty formalisms, offer your engagement ring for passion. The right time will be just when you know you want to spend the rest of your days with your sweetheart.

Don't get caught

Have you already planned almost everything about your engagement promise ring? Now you have to be careful not to get caught! How can you guess the size of her fingers without being discovered? You will need the help of some trusty allies or you have to be really smart.

If she has a sister, friend or mom who are your ally, you can ask them to tell you the priceless secret and you can also turn to them for an aid in the choice.

Taking one of her rings from home may not be a good idea. She might notice it and become suspicious or even worry about the lost. A slightly smarter solution could be to put on for play her ring and remember how far it gets to you.

If none of these tricks works, then you just need to take her hands in yours and hope you have enough intuition to get the circumference of her ring finger.

At this point the game is done and all you have to do is choose the most beautiful among all engagement rings and above all the one that best represents her.

In Roberto Coin’s engagement rings collection you will find precious and original pieces as only your woman is.

Free yourself from empty formalisms, offer your engagement ring for passion




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