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The Ruby

In times like these, we find it helpful to find the good even in difficult situations. Positivity, love and enthusiasm are the values upon which Roberto Coin has built both his personal and professional life.  But they are also concepts that are intimately bound to the symbolism of the ruby, the stone of passion par […]

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Make a Difference Day

Make a difference day, although not a worldwide celebrated holiday, is a very important one. It is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October by those who like to volunteer and help those less fortunate. Everyone has a heart, so go out and do something you don’t normally do day-to-day to help either your community […]

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Introducing the Pois Moi Luna Collection for Mother’s Day

How else can you prove your love for her is “to the moon and back” than with the Pois Moi Luna collection? A reinterpretation of the signature and iconic Pois Moi Collection, a scattered pattern of “dots” reveals an asymmetrical and otherworldly design. These inverted studs mimic the moon’s characteristic uneven surface, creating craters of […]

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Golden Battle for the Throne

In honor of the highly anticipated premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, Roberto Coin is entering its own dragons into this battle for the throne.  Designed in the Year of the Dragon, several limited-edition rings and bangles capture the fierce strength and swiftness of the mythical dragon. For pricing and availability, email […]

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Say “I Love You” Countless Ways

When you can’t quite find the perfect gift for your loved one, a versatile piece of jewelry may be the just the right answer. Roberto Coin’s convertible necklace can be worn in eleven different ways…eleven!   Comprised of hand-finished pieces that boast romantic floral patterns, the Venetian Princess Collection is fit for royalty. With an […]

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New Year, New You!

2019 is a fresh start, and so many adventures and opportunities await you. So, go ahead and reach out to grab every great thing that comes your way this year! And while it is an amazing feeling when something great falls right into your lap when you least expect it, putting conscious effort into achieving […]

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